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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tsukineko Inks with Ink Potion No. 9 Tutorial

I just bought a relatively new product from Tsukineko Inks called Ink Potion no. 9 to find out how it works with the All Purpose Inks. One purpose of the solution is to help blend ink colors. From my estimation this could be a good alternative to working with aloe vera gel to lighten and blend colors.

I began this painting by lightly tracing the outline of a goldfish from a copyright free image onto white cotton fabric and gave the fabric a light spritz of Ink Potion.
Using the Lemon Yellow ink and the brush tip Fantastix pen tool, I painted in all the light and dark areas of the fish.
Next I used the Tangerine ink in the areas that are to be the darkest and used a very light touch to blend it with the Lemon Yellow in the lighter areas.
Using the yellow ink again, I painted over the image to blend the colors and to deepen the golden hue.
Next I used the color Autumn Leaf to deepen the darkest areas and help create more dimension by pushing up the contrast.

I used the Tangerine ink again to blend with the Autumn Leaf, making a smoother gradation and used a black fabric pen to add black to the eyes. At this point I heat set the fish with an iron set on cotton with a press cloth on top.
For the water I used Tropical Lagoon, sprayed some Ink potion onto a tray and dipped the fantastix pen tool into the ink and then into solution on the tray. I noticed that this had the effect of lightening the ink color the more solution was mixed in and also making the ink cover a larger area of fabric with less stroke marks.
I lightly spritzed the white fabric where I was applying the blue ink to help the color cover the area smoothly.
I was working quickly and not too carefully and it ended up a little streaky, but I don't mind because it does look a little like there is movement in the water.


  1. your fish is so beautiful. I hope to paint on fabric one day.

  2. Fabulous, Judy! You give such great hints to help others achieve what you are masterful at.

  3. Terrific. I also work with these inks, but was not familiar with Potion No. 9. Where is it available?

  4. Hi Nancy, I think one of the cheaper priced spots to get it is, I think Interweave has it on their site too.

    I found that the ink potion works really well mixed with the inks using the fantastix, but if you are using a paintbrush, it is a little harder to control and can bleed on the fabric. I think it is because the fantastix hold the ink from flowing to quickly onto the fabric.

    I suspect the potion is the ink base without the pigment, so it is kind of like adding extender to your textile paints.

  5. I also wanted to say thanks for explaining your experiences especially with technique and products. It is so helpful to have some clue as to what might or could happen. I really love your work. I really appreciate your generosity of spirit.


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