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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Okay so I bit the bullet, now that I live in Chicago, I thought I would try my hand at a fused quilt. Actually, I have also been wanting to use some of the fabric I dyed right before I moved, and fusing seemed to make the most sense, I am not much of a piecer. Besides I have a whole bolt of Misty Fuse.Here is my inspiration, a lovely agave from the hillside by my old house in California.
If this goes well, I have two more agaves I would like to do in a similar way. This one is the least complicated of the three, so I thought I would try this one first. If I do make two more quilts like this, I am going to have to unpack my dyes to dye some more fabric. Now I am stuck with figuring out what to do with the background. I think it needs to be broken up, and I have a few colors in mind that I think would look good. But I am not quite sure what to do with it yet.

It is now all fused together and ready to layer it with batting and backing. Unfortunately I am leaving for California in a couple days and will be gone for three weeks. I am anxious to get my sewing table put back together so I can quilt this on a flat surface. That will be my project for when I get back.
This is the quilting so far. Not terribly exciting, but I thought the lines running linear with the leaves would help give clarity to the agave image defining the shapes of the leaves.

Hand dyed cotton, machine appliqued, machine quilted. 56" x 47"

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