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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Plant Study

I have always loved the look of old plant engravings. I was curious to know if that look could be reproduced with thread on fabric. What I realized is that it really can't because you can not get the lovely thick and thin line quality that the old engravings have.
I do like the effect and will probably play with this some more. The quilting is not finished yet. This is aprox. 21 x 30.

This is the engraving that I used as inspiration and my sketch that I transferred to the white fabric. I used a .05 lead pencil to draw the plant lightly on the fabric. I fused the fabric to the batting to act as a stabilizer for the heavy stitching.

My sewing machine decided to gobble up a bunch of thread and wrap it around the gears, preventing me from finishing the quilting until I took apart the machine and my daughter and I went at it with long nosed tweezers. By the time I was done I was too tired to quilt anymore and probably not in the best frame of mind. My old Pfaff is probably in desperate need of a tune up at this point.

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