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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Before Fiesta Ornaments

These are what led me to design the Fiesta Ornaments.

I have always loved religious iconographic art. For several years I have been thinking about creating my own little version of an icon. I like the idea of making an image of a Goddess in a traditional Christian iconographic style. I think Mary is the embodiment of the Great Mother. So this is an image of a Goddess in a style used to depict Mary. This blending of ideas reflects my spiritual thinking, I have referred to myself as a Christopagan, although I recently heard a term that fits even better- Episcopagan. I made this piece to be my self portrait to go with my Water challenge quilt for PAQA. It is 4" x 5" painted and machine quilted with a piece of metal that I cut and embossed with a knitting needle. This is sewn on with seed beads to hold it in place.

I am having a lot of fun making these little painted quiltlets. Each of them are 4" x 5" with a painted top and an embossed metal piece machine stiched into place with beads to hold down the corners. I have three more that I will post after I sew the beads and hanging ribbons on.

These are 4"x 5". They are painted and have some outline quilting on the image. The embossed metal is stitched in place by sewing machine with a top stitch needle and the corners are stitched down with a bead.

Back in May Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson had birthdays and I made them each a tin quiltlet.
Laura loves and collects chickens and Frieda loves her dog George, now famous for helping Frieda break her ankle a day before her trip to Australia earlier this year while chasing a squirrel.


  1. Loved the Jack Russell...Dogs are rescue lab tripped our OLD Jack down the stairs the other I make her wait while Jazz goes down the steps...oddly the wild child will WAIT?!!

  2. Judy, I thought I had seen all of your works like these but what a treat to come across these tonight. I made and gave away about 6 ornaments this month and the giftees loved them as much as I do. I've wanted to make them since I first saw your article in the Gift issue a few years ago. I some others in the works and am newly inspired by this post. Love your work, thank you for sharing. Sue


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