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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nerve Cells

These are nerve cells. I had a piece of fabric that I had hand dyed a few years ago that looked like nerve cells to me. So half the work was already done. Using Tsukineko inks I drew a few cell shapes on it with white and a dark green with a little shading in purple.

This is the image I found and used as inspiration for the nerve cells.

The nerve cells are outline quilted with a metallic thread with wool batting, so they are puffy and round. The background is quilted with mono filament that is clear enough to not cover the nerve-like designs in the hand dyed fabric, but it sparkles just enough to be seen. This piece is about 10 inches square.


  1. I simply love it! I am a biologist and there is so much beauty and wonder in every detail and you just captured it!

  2. Wow, quite unique. I admire your precision.

  3. What a wonderful imagination to go,with your prodigious artistic talents. You have been given a wonderful gift.


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