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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Painted Panel

Nina came across some discarded ceiling fan blades by the recycling bin on our floor and brought them home, thinking they might be fun to paint. Before painting, the blades needed to be sanded since they were painted most likely with oil based paint.
I made a sheet of graphite paper to transfer the drawing to the wood blade. Using a soft leaded pencil (a 6B) I covered a blank sheet of paper with graphite holding the pencil on its side to get more coverage. I taped my drawing to the panel on one side and slipped the graphite paper face down on the board under the drawing. Then I traced over the lines of my drawing with a hard lead pencil transferring the drawing to the board.

I used textile paints and Golden fluid acrylics. The gold background was painted first with the color Quinacridone Gold fluid acrylic watered down to a thin wash and applied with a soft bamboo brush in multiple glazing coats building up the color on the outside edges of the panel.
I used two different painting techniques to paint this panel. You can see the robins breast is painted using red with white, mixing shades of pink for the gradation. The wings on each bird were painted by using one color (brown) and painting thin glazes to create the gradation from light to dark. It is important for each glaze to dry before applying another. They dry rather quickly unless it is humid and then the process can be sped up with a quick hit from a blow dryer. The robins wings were painted with brown glazes and then a thin blue glaze was painted over the whole thing.
The yellow birds wings were painted with brown textile paint and Sap Green fluid acrylic then painted over with a glaze of lemon yellow.

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