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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Bird House

This is the second house constructed with the painted fabric I made and used for the cicada house. This house is 6" by 8" tall. Much easier to construct at this size than the 22" tall first house.The inside is painted with pearl white textile paint on hand dyed fabric. The fabric is showing through on the colored leaves. I cut the leaf shapes out of freezer paper, after ironing them to the fabric I painted it white. The bird on the back is a bird diagram that was collaged to the fabric with gel medium as I was painting.
You can see the bird on the back wall when you look through the hole that I wrapped with cut embossed metal that is machine stitched in place.
The strips of metal have been cut with decorative scissors and stitched to the top of the roof. The I draw on the metal with a ball stylus and fold the edges down to attach to the sides of the house.

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